5 thoughts on “Paul Morphy vs Duke of Brunswick & Count Isouard Friendly Game, Paris 1858”

  1. napoleon bonaparte vs henri bertran kyk ny rame bwt game klasik,

  2. Rame, tapi agak ‘brutal’ keknya :p
    Nanti kalau aku nemu anotasi di internet, aku post-kan

  3. penasaran elo paul morphy berapa ya kalau di game modern sekarang ini?
    ada yg punya perkiraan?

  4. Susah dibandingin, dulu kan orang main berat di kombi, pengetahuan posisionalnya masih kurang.

    Nih ada orang yang kasih pendapat di internet:
    “In my opinion…

    There are three key scenarios to consider when asking this question:

    1. Are we simply transporting Paul Morphy at the peak of his game somewhere in the mid to late 1800s into a modern day tournament, say the olympiad in Dresden for example?

    If so, despite his incredible talent I would give him at most a playing strength of ~2550 fide. I say this because positional and strategical play has come quite far since his time, and without modern opening theory he would find himself at an incredible disadvantage against today’s players.

    2. Would we instead transport him at the peak of his game into modern times and give him time to study modern opening theory and become accustomed to modern chess?

    If this is used as a scenario instead, i’d say he could reach ~2650 fide. With viable openings and a feel for modern chess he would certainly find himself within the world’s top 100 grandmasters today.

    3. Would we transport Morphy as a toddler to modern times, and raise him on modern chess?

    In this scenario we would have someone who could certainly reach ~2750+ fide, and be a serious contender for the world chess championship. “

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